Apps Gone Live

June 2022: Apps Gone Live

Last month, we saw a plethora of amazing apps hit the web! With many featuring walking or bike tours of some kind, it seems that this is the month for exploring. Check out the incredible span of places last month’s apps feature. These apps provide a digital bridge to make visiting new areas more accessible and savvy. Where will you go?

March 2022: Apps Gone Live

In March, we saw some wonderful apps get added to the web! We’re especially seeing an emphasis on exploring nature and cities in new and exciting ways. Keep scrolling to see what apps went live last month. There’s a little something for everyone!

February 2022: Apps Gone Live

As we look back on the apps released during February, one word comes to mind: history. We’re proud to see so many new digital assets that serve as guides and tours for those wishing to explore. Several apps highlight beautiful walking trails, while one is a companion guide for a book festival. Keep scrolling to check out the new apps that came out last month. There’s truly something for everyone! 

January 2022: Apps Gone Live

Our newest apps have started 2022 with a bang! With plenty of walking tours to choose from that will take you all over the world, we’re excited to see so many apps highlighting historic towns and landmarks. We also released an app that focuses more on the sciences, and one that serves as a companion guide for a gallery by an accomplished artist. Keep reading to check them out!

December 2021: Apps Gone Live

During the month of December, we had wonderful apps go live offering tours to help enhance the experience surrounding certain destinations. We even had an app created by students between the ages of 9 and 12!

November 2021: Apps Gone Live

Last month we had a number of apps go live which delved into the history of incredible places around the globe. From Talkeetna to Balamu to Charleston and more, users can make the most out of their visits to these places by using the apps below, many of which include guided tours with numerous stops. As we near the end of the year, these present the perfect opportunity for one final exploration trip before we say cheers to 2022!

October 2021: Apps Gone Live

In October, we released some amazing apps that allow people to explore visitor destinations from right within their own homes. Taking you to locations all over the globe, these apps feature incredible destinations like historical sites, museums, festivals, cities, and more. 

September 2021: Apps Gone Live

September brought the launch of many amazing new apps. Last month, we especially saw a large number of apps that are providing self-guided tours around cities. We love seeing these locations get highlighted and recognized for the interesting and rich histories many of them have. Read on to learn more about which apps went live last month.

August 2021: Apps Gone Live

During August, the team at STQRY helped launch some incredible apps. Keep reading to stay up to date with the newest “Apps Gone Live” throughout last month, featuring everything from self-guided tours across the world to interactive companion apps for destinations and much more!

July 2021: Apps Gone Live

Read more about the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of July. We are proud to create immersive, accessible cultural experiences for our clients around the world.

June 2021: Apps Gone Live

Today we are highlighting the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of June. We have had the pleasure of launching a variety of apps for events and attractions including collegiate gardens, historic tours, and museums.

May 2021: Apps Gone Live

Throughout the month of May we had the pleasure of launching apps for a range of events and attractions, including galas, historic communities and museums. 

April 2021: Apps Gone Live

This May we are highlighting the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of April. From parks and gardens to historic tours and libraries, we are excited to help in sharing their stories digitally!

March 2021: Apps Gone Live

The STQRY Customer Success Team launched some interactive apps we can't wait to use. We are honored to work with clients from all around the world, from libraries to museums and even a chocolate factory!

February 2021: Apps Gone Live

In honor of February being Black History Month, we are highlighting two of our latest projects as part of our apps-gone-live series-- Strides for Social Justice and Road to Freedom. 

January 2021: Apps Gone Live

The year is off to a great start. Learn more about the newest apps we launched in January.  From walking tours to educational games, we are thrilled to bring these stories to life and help our clients around the world launch digital experiences. 

December 2020: Apps Gone Live

We are kicking off the new year by looking back at some of the last apps the STQRY team helped launch in 2020. From New York’s Staten Island to Australia’s Victoria Park, we are fortunate to work with clients located across the globe!

November 2020: Apps Gone Live

The Customer Success Team at STQRY helped share a lot of stories this past month! Today, we are highlighting some of our latest projects including the Westfield State Campus Tour, Sydney Open, and St. Mullins Heritage Village. Read on to learn more about our November apps-gone-live. 

October 2020: Apps Gone Live

During the month of October, the customer success team at STQRY launched several new mobile and web applications for clients across the globe ranging from museums to apple orchards! Learn more about our growing collection of STQRY family members and their amazing stories to share. 

September 2020: Apps Gone Live

The customer success team at STQRY launched many new apps in the month of September, from neighborhood walking tours to a virtual music festival, national forests and more. Check out our September apps gone live!