About us

About us

STQRY (formerly OnCell) is a storytelling platform that helps visitors explore further, engage deeper, and discover more. You can choose from a range of amazing features to create location-based tours, virtual tours, mobile, and web apps, audio guides, games, and online collections.

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Our history

Since OnCell's inception in 2006, we have helped thousands of destinations around the world ranging from museums, parks, cities, and historic sites of all sizes to connect with their visitors.

In December of 2018, OnCell acquired Authentic, a New Zealand based mobile technology company that specializes in native tour apps. OnCell further expanded our global footprint in 2019 with the acquisition of U.S. based App Guide creator, Tour Buddy, and the 2020 acquisition of CultureSpots. 

In July of 2020, OnCell rebranded to STQRY to better reflect our mission of helping organizations share their stories and improve their visitor experiences. 

With each acquisition we have added new solutions to continue to meet our customer's needs and help them engage, educate and interact with their audiences.

Our people

Thomas Dunne

CEO & President

Glen Barnes

Chief Product Officer

Ana Schneller

Office Manager

Genevieve Hauck

Marketing Communications Manager

Kyle Pierce

Director of Sales

Josh Gilbert

Director of Customer Experience

Ilia Sidorenko

Senior Software Developer

EJ Dunne

Software Developer

Siqi Dong

Marketing Assistant

Svenja Volpe

Sales Development Representative

Melissa Carlisle

Senior Territory Manager

Dana Michealovich

Territory Manager

Julia Zungri

Territory Manager

Eston Clare

Territory Manager

Tom Rapp

US Representative

Declan Breathnach

Ireland Representative

Sean Houston

Customer Success Manager

Macarena Pizarro

Customer Success Manager

Natalie Nguyen

Customer Success Manager

Travis Luty

Customer Success Manager

Lydia Ireland

Customer Success Manager

May Ho

Customer Support Specialist

Chi Doan

Customer Support Specialist

Rindayle Blessing Tan

Customer Support Specialist

May Asis

Customer Support Specialist

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