STQRY Collect

STQRY Collect

Everything you need to publish and manage your collections online.

A beautiful collections website that is built from the ground up to be simple yet powerful. From single images to books and oral histories, STQRY Collect gives you the power to create a beautiful home for your digital collections online.

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Make it work your way. Configure metadata, storage, themes and publishing options.

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Add to your collection easily. Push content into STQRY Collect using our API, manual uploads or bulk import.

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Share with the world. Publish your collection online, via an API or syndication feed.

STQRY Collect Highlights


Reuse your content across multiple platforms. Mobile apps, kiosks, websites, aggregators, smart TV’s and more.

What makes us different?

Online Collections

Online Collections

Create an absolutely stunning, beautiful collections website with powerful search, custom layouts and support for a wide range of content types. Display anything from a single image to an oral history audio recording.

STQRY Collect will inspire your users to dive deep into your collections.

Digital Object Repository

Digital Object Repository

At its core STQRY Collect is a powerful Digital Object Repository for storing any type of content from simple images to full books. Driving the repository is a powerful API that can share your collection across websites, mobile apps, kiosks and more. You are only limited by your imagination. Our flexible storage engine means you can use our cloud based storage engine or BYO storage. Upload content into the repository via a web browser, our API or bulk upload. Have a lot of content to upload? Let our team migrate the data for you.

Community Focus

Community Focus

Our community features let your users fully engage with your collection and its content. From commenting and tagging to a full community repository with file uploads and article writing, STQRY Collect has you covered. A simple, easy to use editor lets users write articles and contribute their own content to give context and meaning to your collection.



Powerful text and faceted based search-based interface allows users to find content easily.

Custom Layouts

Every content type has its own layout, to make your collection shine at its best.

Responsive Design

All layouts are built from the ground up to be responsive and look great on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Multimedia Support

Support for a wide variety of content types, using standard format players. Images, audio, video, and animation are all supported.

Download Options

Allow users to download high resolution copies of images and limit access depending on the license. For example allow high-res downloads for CC licensed and out of copyright works, while restricting access to items still in copyright.

Search Engine Friendly

Every content item in your digital collection has its own, clean, URL allowing for better indexing by search engines and for sharing links without worrying that the page will disappear. Pages are also marked up using, allowing search engines to infer deeper meaning.

Sharing Tools

Users can share content items to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, or via email, embedded images and citation links.

Standards Based

All pages and content items are marked up in HTML 5 using the latest standards, providing rich markup for social networks and search engines.

Plans & pricing

Local & Specialty

Reduced setup cost*

Themable site

Bulk import

Support for all media types

500GB storage

Single organisation


Starting at $5,000 setup cost

Themable site(s)

Bulk upload

Support for all media types

2TB storage

Multiple organisations

API Access

Unlimited users

Aggregator site

All plans include…

  • Sharing tools
  • Standard based
  • Access control
  • Multi-cloud backup
  • Web harvesting
  • Media transcoding
  • Additional storage available

Need something more?

We are happy to customise your site to fit your requirements. Contact us to chat about options.

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