Enhance your visitor experience with content delivered to your on-site devices.

Own a museum, boat, plane, bus, nature reserve or any other attraction? Provide your visitors with a quick and easy way to access your audio tours and enhanced content using STQRY Fleet. It’s the ideal way for you to control and manage your on-site tour guide system on your own devices, providing everything your visitors need to enjoy your STQRY mobile tour.

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Add images, audio, text, map info and custom features into your guide with our simple web-based tour builder.

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Our STQRY Fleet app can be loaded onto any Android or iOS device. Configuring is simple;  just scanning a QR code or entering an app key.

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Update your experience content at any stage, anytime and from anywhere.

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Share the app with your users on site using a range of rugged devices.

What makes us different?

Choose any hardware

Choose any hardware

We work with any iOS and Android hardware and partner with the leading device, case and charging providers. From iPod Touch devices to ruggedised Android phones and everything in between, we have a solution to fit all budgets.

No long term contracts

No long term contracts

Our simple pricing model means you’re not locked into long term contracts. Simply pay for the number of devices you have configured, on a month-to-month or yearly basis. And you can get started for as low as $99/month.

Deploy anywhere, any time

Deploy anywhere, any time

Your content doesn’t just have to sit on your devices. You can also publish it into your own app on the App Store, our STQRY Guide app and the web.


Choose your own hardware

Choose from a range of rugged cases and devices. From iPod Touch devices with cases to ruggedized Android.

Charging solutions that scale

From 5 port USB hubs to 40 unit docking stations, you can scale your charging solution

Locked down devices

Lock down key features like app settings and control language, screen dimming and data sync.

Multilingual Support

Support for 50 languages including most European and Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew and indigenous languages such as Māori.

Geofenced alerts and iBeacons

Want real-time engagement? Send visitors location-based notifications using the technology built into their mobile device. Geo-fenced alerts are great for tours covering a wide area, and iBeacons can trigger audio or immersive, location-specific content when visitors approach.

Support for all media formats

Enrich the visitor experience with audio, images, and video content. You can even take it to the next interactive level with 360 content and Augmented Reality (AR).

Multiple tours and collections

Offering different routes or tours or want to publish your whole collection? Your app can include multiple guided tour options, so you can categorise by place, theme, or anything else you want.


Create inclusive mobile tour apps and audio guides that everyone can enjoy. Options for visitors who are visually or hearing impaired include voiceover and image descriptions. Multilingual support lets you reach more visitors, with 50 languages supported.

Powerful mapping

Satellite, street, and terrain maps means there’s a perfect option for your tour, or you can add a custom map of your own, including indoor maps. Maps show the users GPS location and nearby points of interest.

Real-time content updates

Something new to share? Make changes to your content through the STQRY builder, and updates will be pushed to your app in real time.

Plus more, including…

  • Quizzes and games
  • Advanced media formats


Plans & pricing

Local & Specialty

Reduced setup cost*

5 onsite devices; or

1 vehicle device license included

Online & phone support

Single small organisation

Custom plan

Starting at $7,995 setup cost

Dedicated account support

Advanced user permissions & child accounts

Multiple sites

hardware rental

All plans include…

  • Works with multiple MDMs
  • Lock down settings
  • Multilingual support
  • OTA content updates
  • App builder access

Add ons

  • Additional setup fees may apply
  • Additional on-site devices $3/month - Local & Specialty plan
  • Additional on-site devices $2/month
  • Additional vehicle devices $25/month
  • Discounts for volume purchases
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Additional Services

Need help with app building, content creation, signage and more?

Our App Concierge service starts at just $1500/year and includes 3 hours per month of content uploading and app editing.

We also offer a wide range of content creation services including translation, audio production, script writing and more. Take a look at our additional services