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Why Building a Tour Guide App Is Easier Than You Think

Whatever your reason for brainstorming the perfect mobile app, you might keep putting it off out of concern over the timeline and budget. Building a mobile app is no longer as expensive or time-consuming as it used to be. In this post we explore all the reasons why building a mobile tour guide app is much easier (and more affordable) than you might imagine!

How World of Wine Built an App in 3 Weeks

It's easy to assume that building a mobile guide app would take 6 months. This is the minimum amount of time most custom applications take. But, in this post, we show you how World of Wine launched the perfect mobile guide app in just a few weeks using STQRY.

Case Study: African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc.

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to preserve and raise awareness of little-known African American historical sites. Creating an app for the Foundation was a natural next step in helping expand AAHPF’s resources. Read more about it in our newest case study!

How to Present your Mobile App

We work with clients daily to help them understand how their organization can benefit from offering a mobile app. Many times, the individuals who we work with must present the possibility of a mobile app to their organization before any decisions are made. See our step by step instructions to presenting a mobile app to a large group.

7 Steps to Create an Amazing Audio Tour

When venues discover stories that have the potential to make people laugh, cry, and think, they can offer a more enriching experience that turns visitors into fans and ambassadors who spread the word. In this post, we show how your message can become “edu-tainment” and provide a simple roadmap you can follow to create your own audio tour. 

How to Create Audio Content for Your App

A mobile tour guide app is a smart way to keep visitors engaged. There are so many use cases for self-guided content, from universities to museums to special-interest tours. Here's how to easily add quality audio tracks to your mobile guide app.

How to Create a Location-Based Tour Guide App

When you use location-based technology, you can provide an interactive experience that triggers notifications to open up new content as a visitor moves through the site. In this guide, we show you how to set up your own in about 2 to 8 weeks, depending on how long it takes you to source the content.

How To Create a Script of Your Tour

As a tour operator, you know your crowd. You have your script timed and perfectly recorded in your mind. But, if you are ready to expand and add more tour guides or start using an app–how do you create a tour script? Let’s look at some options that don’t involve pen and paper!

Opening a developer account on the App Store and Google Play

We are looking forward to launching your app! Here is how to set up those Apple & Google Play Developer Accounts so you can get to work on sharing your story. 

Case Study: Revs Institute®

After realizing the power and potential reach of an app that would make the collections accessible on a digital platform, Revs Institute decided to enlist STQRY to help build it. The app has allowed automotive connoisseurs all over the world to access and explore the collection, thus facilitating the expansion of Revs Institute further into the world of digital experiences.

Case Study: WWWalks

Preserve WWWalks is revolutionizing the green tourism industry, offering sustainable solutions and alternatives to traditionally wasteful travel practices. Step into the future of green travel with this new case study!

June 2021: Apps Gone Live

Today we are highlighting the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of June. We have had the pleasure of launching a variety of apps for events and attractions including collegiate gardens, historic tours, and museums.

How to Measure the Success of Your Mobile Tour App & Audio Guide

Your tour guide app has a big role to play. It welcomes visitors, points them towards the right routes, and explains important features or exhibits. In this post, we walk you through the top reasons to measure the success of your app and exactly how to do it. 

Automatically Translate Text With Just One Click On STQRY

The STQRY app builder’s text translation feature is here! With our simple interface and 27 languages available, you can easily make your app accessible to millions of users worldwide and take your content to a global level.

May 2021: Apps Gone Live

Throughout the month of May we had the pleasure of launching apps for a range of events and attractions, including galas, historic communities and museums. 

STQRY Feature Spotlight: Geofencing

Did you know that you can integrate location-specific content into your STQRY app? With geofencing and bluetooth beacons or GPS, you can create a unique, tailored content experience for your visitors that is determined by their location within your site.

Level-Up Your App Content With Interactive QR Codes

QR codes are having a major revival across all industries, and especially within the website application sector. Learn how to integrate QR codes into your app to level up your content below, but first, let’s start at the beginning by answering the question: what is a QR code?

April 2021: Apps Gone Live

This May we are highlighting the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of April. From parks and gardens to historic tours and libraries, we are excited to help in sharing their stories digitally!

Best Practices For Publishing Your App

There are many things you should be considering in the early stages of app development when creating your publishing strategy. Each site will have different needs, and your visitors will have different preferences, but there are a few best practices to keep in mind that work well for almost all visitor experience apps.

Advanced Text-to-Speech Now Supported In Your STQRY App

Exciting news! We’ve just launched our latest feature on the STQRY platform, advanced text-to-speech translation. This feature allows you to convert any text-based content into audio files that can be used within your app, creating a more inclusive and interactive app experience for your visitors.

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