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STQRY for Students: How the University of South Australia Incorporates Place- Based Mobile Tours

STQRY isn’t just for museums and galleries. Learn how a university has incorporated mobile tours into a course assessment.

May 2023: Apps Gone Live

Last month, STQRY launched several innovative apps that feature some of the globe's most fascinating locations, cultural landmarks, and tourist attractions.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About STQRY and Audio Guides

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about STQRY, mobile audio guides, and other digital experiences for museums and cultural sites.

April 2023: Apps Gone Live

Last month, STQRY helped launch a number of informational and engaging apps for different cities, landmarks, and cultural destinations worldwide.

How Old Pine Conservancy Drives Student Visits to Its Historic Graveyard with STQRY

Learn how Old Pine Conservancy makes its historic graveyard tours accessible to visitors of all ages with STQRY.

How High Point Museum Helps Families Explore the City & Historical Park with STQRY

Learn how High Point Museum guides visitors through their museum as well as historical sites across the city with STQRY.

March 2023: Apps Gone Live

Last month, STQRY launched several immersive apps that spotlight some of the globe's most fascinating landmarks, jubilant festivals, and extraordinary locations. Read on to learn more about the latest “Apps Gone Live” and the newest destinations now discoverable at your fingertips.

Great Hikes and Great Rides Case Study: Reaching 75,000 Users with STQRY

Learn how the Great Hikes and Great Rides apps help users access amazing outdoor experiences and helpful information.

How to Create a Walking Tour App in 7 Easy Steps

Looking to create a walking tour app for your visitors or customers? Discover the best use cases, technology, and the steps you need to get it done.

Guide to Museum Kiosks: Top Benefits, Use Cases & Features

Researching museum kiosks? Check out these important benefits, examples, and software features to help inform your strategy.

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