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Meet the STQRY Team: A Chat about business and family with Thomas Dunne, Founder, CEO & President

STQRY has been instrumental in transforming the culture and tourism industry during this time of unprecedented change. We interviewed Thomas Dunne, the Founder and CEO of STQRY, to reveal his secret sauce in leading a successful SaaS company, and his unique approach to life as an entrepreneur in this modern age.

December 2021: Apps Gone Live

During the month of December, we had wonderful apps go live offering tours to help enhance the experience surrounding certain destinations. We even had an app created by students between the ages of 9 and 12!

US Forest Service & Parks Canada To Present At This Year's 2022 STQRY Summit

Learn how the US Forest Service and Parks Canada are reinventing their traditional forms of outdoor interpretation with their STQRY app experiences to improve conservation, education, safety, wayfinding and more. 

Meet the Presenter: Renée Ingram, African American Heritage Preservation Foundation & Ran Yan, Lewis Latimer House Museum

Preservation through education is one of the most desired topics in the upcoming 2022 STQRY Summit. We interviewed presenter Renée Ingram, President & Founder of African American Heritage Preservation Foundation (AAHPF), and Ran Yan, Executive Director of Lewis Latimer House Museum, regarding their experience in leveraging digital technology for preserving historical sites, and what we can expect in their panel discussion.

Meet the Presenter: Alex Dykman, CEO & Founder of Maverick Digital

In this Meet the Presenters series, we sit down with 2022 STQRY Summit presenter, Alex Dykman, CEO & Founder of Maverick Digital. In this interview, Alex tells us about her journey in the travel industry, and what we can expect to hear in her webinar session – Digital Transformation and the Endemic Traveler.

STQRY celebrates 15 years and counting!

With 2021 coming to an end, STQRY is ready to celebrate its 15th birthday. Over the past 15 years, STQRY has grown from an idea into a global leader of digital experiences. We chatted with Thomas Dunne, Founder and CEO of STQRY, to reflect on the company’s incredible journey and he took us through what the next 15 years have in-store.

Case Study: Cherry Hills Community Church's Christmas Lights for a Cause

The 2019 the Cherry Hills Community Church Christmas Lights car tour raised $125,000+ in donations that went to eliminating homelessness in their area of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Cherry Hills did all this by creating a mobile app driving tour that allowed people to explore their lights spectacle on the church campus. Read more about this amazing app for a cause in this holiday throwback case study!

November 2021: Apps Gone Live

Last month we had a number of apps go live which delved into the history of incredible places around the globe. From Talkeetna to Balamu to Charleston and more, users can make the most out of their visits to these places by using the apps below, many of which include guided tours with numerous stops. As we near the end of the year, these present the perfect opportunity for one final exploration trip before we say cheers to 2022!

Museum Association of New York (MANY) to present at the 2022 STQRY Summit

Register for the 2022 STQRY Summit to see this unique and insightful session surrounding the IMLS CARES Act grant project designed to help museums impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic reach audiences who cannot physically visit their museums. 

Registration launched for the 2022 STQRY Summit: All things digital

As a leader in the digital space, STQRY has invited industry experts to share their knowledge and bring you the first ever 2022 STQRY Summit, uncovering the secrets of leveraging practical, impactful, innovative digital solutions for your organization in this new era.  This FREE week-long webinar series features topics across museum accessibility, AR/VR, tourism’s digital transformation, content creation, multimedia storytelling, education and digital experience marketing. Register today!

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