STQRY Bundles: More Platforms, More Savings

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end; STQRY's suite of products helps you tell yours. Whether you have a single exhibit or a state-wide tour, bundle our solutions to engage your visitors while they’re with you and after they’ve left. 

Read on for more information about how our products work together and how you can save on STQRY bundles to bring your story to life.

Once Upon an App

Bring your story to life with STQRY Apps, an easy-to-use, no-code platform for making your destination experience mobile. With STQRY Apps, your team can turn your tours, walks, and audio guides into a full-featured, custom-branded, open-access app. Add interactive games and quizzes, access analytics to track location traffic and click behavior, and offer your guests the gift of exploring from their mobile devices.

Guide With Confidence: STQRY Fleet

STQRY Fleet makes it easy to control, manage, and share your STQRY App content. You can load STQRY Fleet onto any on-site hardware (Android or iOS) and download your content, making it available to all visitors. Tour guides, drivers, and experience providers can manage content with a QR code or app key to easily control the tour experience across a range of durable devices. We partner with the leading device, case, and charging providers to equip you with the hardware you need.

Along the Way: STQRY Kiosk

Make it easy to learn more with STQRY Kiosk. Simple to use, our Kiosk platform helps you stand up interactive storytelling stations for your visitors across a walking tour, exhibition, or gallery experience.

Creating the content is easy with our web-based builder, designed to carry your brand and support all media formats. Deploying the content is just as intuitive; STQRY Kiosk syncs across as many touch screens as you need. We offer setup, support, and additional kiosks on a flexible month-to-month basis.

Take It Home: STQRY Collect

STQRY Collect is your digital archive solution, bringing collections and community archives online for always and anywhere access. It's a simple but powerful platform that makes digital repositories beautiful. Flexible storage options support all media types, and the no-code interface allows teams to build online collections that feel like an extension of the in-person experience. STQRY Collect preserves your collections, expands your user base, and supports consistent engagement.

Tell Your Story with STQRY Bundles

Our goal at STQRY is to help you harness the power of technology to bring your stories to life. Our products work even better together, and our bundled pricing makes it an easy choice. Enjoy 25% off of any package that combines two or more of our products.  Contact our team today to learn more, or schedule a demo to see which products are right for you.