A Conversation With Daisy Mcgowan, Director of the Galleries of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado

Note: This post was part of a series of interviews that Cliff Stevens did while at Culture Spots. We're republishing these videos with some updated STQRY branding as they provide some great insights and it would be a shame to lose these stories. 

Happy Almost Thanksgiving Everybody!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we invite you to pull yourself away for just a few moments and join us for an inspiring sojourn to the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where we’ll be talking with Daisy McGowan, Director of the Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA).

After seeing this week’s feature video, we’re confident you’ll come away with new creative ideas and more expansive possibilities for your museum or gallery, as Daisy illuminates GOCA’s mashed-up (not potatoes!), boogie-down event programming and risk-taking, thought-provoking exhibition schedule.

This was our fifth stop while crossing the country for our ‘Academic Museums Spotlight Tour‘, in partnership with AAMG ( – the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries.  Next week, get ready for a journey with us to The University of Colorado Boulder where we’ll be checking in on a resourceful collaboration between their Art Museum and Museum of Natural History.

Until then, eat well, be well, and enjoy this video interview at UCCS GOCA!