A conversation with Neysa Page-Lieberman

Note: This post was part of a series of interviews that Cliff Stevens did while at Culture Spots. We're republishing these videos with some updated STQRY branding as they provide some great insights and it would be a shame to lose these stories. 

Hello friends!

Our FINAL video of the Academic Museums Spotlight Tour 2015 is here!

This is a pretty big deal for us.  We weren’t completely sure we could actually produce a high-quality 8+/- minute video every week for 8 straight weeks (in addition to everything else we do…).  But we did – and it feels awesome!  And as a result, we’ve grown an even deeper appreciation for the community we serve (especially academic museums and galleries!), and expanded our belief in why they matter so much and how crucial it is for us to support them.

In today’s final feature video, we’re taking you to the “South Loop” section of Downtown Chicago where we’re visiting Columbia DEPS (Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces) at Columbia College Chicago, the largest and most diverse private, nonprofit arts and media college in the nation with more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

In this eye-opening interview with DEPS Director, Neysa Page-Lieberman, we’ll get a sweeping view into:

  • How Columbia DEPS was able to capture the attention of some of the most well known street artists in the world (such as Shepard Fairey….remember his famous Obama poster from 2008?) as well as coverage from National Geographic and many other news outlets.
  • The multitude of hands-on ways they’re able to educate their students, and many times launch their careers before they even graduate!
  • How they’ve been able to differentiate themselves in a city already so rich with world-famous museums and galleries.
  • …and more!

Click below to watch the video!