Behind the Scenes of the Michener Art Museum - Part 2 of 2

Note: This post was part of a series of interviews that Cliff Stevens did while at Culture Spots. We're republishing these videos with some updated STQRY branding as they provide some great insights and it would be a shame to lose these stories. 

Hello friends!

We’ve been soooo looking forward to sharing Part 2 of our Michener Art Museum Client Spotlight Interview with you!

The kids in this video are an absolute delight AND profoundly articulate in describing their experience participating in the Michener’s Youth Audio Tour production project (powered by CultureSpots).

As you watch this, you might begin to suspect these interviews were scripted, or that we used cue cards, or coached the kids in some way.  NOTHING OF THE SORT is even remotely true.  They sat down, we rolled the cameras, asked open-ended questions and had a conversation.  These kids were just straight-up fantastic – that’s all there was to it.

If you represent an organization charged with growing your young audiences, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS VIDEO! Watch, listen and learn just how impactful and meaningful their experiences were producing their museum’s Youth Audio Tour. Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of effect on kids at your museum?

Remember, with CultureSpots, you can!

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