How To Create a Script of Your Tour

As a tour operator, you know your crowd. You have your script timed and perfectly recorded in your mind. But, if you are ready to expand and add more tour guides or start using an app–how do you create a tour script? Let’s look at some options that don’t involve pen and paper!

Step 1: Record yourself

As you give your tour, record yourself. You can do it on a live tour, but it might be best to do it alone so you are not interrupted. How do you record yourself?

  • iphone – use the built in voice recorder. It’s called ‘Voice Memos.’
  • Android phone – use any voice recording app. Here is a good one>>

Break up your recordings into the ‘stops’ for your tour so that you don’t have to break it up at the end.  So if you have a tour with 10 stops, you should have 10 audio files.

Step 2: Transcribe your audio files

There are so many options for services to transcribe your audio.  For around 20 minutes of audio the cost is about $20.  You can price your tour out, but it’s not very pricey.  Services you can use to transcribe:

Step 3: Format your script

After you receive your transcription, we like to format the script so that it is easy to read and if you are getting it translated, you will want a clean format.  You can use a WordDoc and insert a table and then label the table.