How To Increase Engagement By Focusing On Enrichment

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, companies in all sectors scrambled to find ways to maintain relationships with their customers while being sensitive to their struggles. 

If you’re one of the organizations still struggling to find ways to engage with your customers during these trying times (or just looking for a bump in your existing strategies), creating digital experiences is key, and focusing your messaging on enrichment will guarantee success.

You’ve probably noticed the television and online market inundated with ads “showing our customers we care.” While this is important, the companies that really stand out are ones offering customers unique services suited to the pandemic, or new and innovative digital experiences.

At OnCell, our clients have found success and connection with their customers by creating these digital experiences to help them navigate and cope under these circumstances. 

Target Your Marketing Messages

Most people are looking for support right now, and many are looking to the institutions and organizations that brought them comfort, education, and enrichment before the crisis. With that in mind, it’s imperative that you remain sensitive to your customers’ circumstances while being clear that you’re ready to provide those services again in this new socially distant world. 

During the first few weeks of the pandemic, most people were saving their expendable income and only spending on the essentials[1]. Now that some of the initial panic has worn off, more dollars are available to spend on institutions, non-profit organizations, and first responders in the form of donations or memberships.

While your organization might not be a first respondent, it still has plenty of value to your existing customers in its own unique way. Make sure you identify what kept your customers coming back again and again before the crisis hit, and use your marketing and communications to remind them that you’re still here for them.

Adapt to Your Customers’ Needs

Once it’s clear to your audience that you understand their shifting needs and you’re here to offer the same experience they’ve come to know and love, it’s time to show them how. Most of our clients at OnCell have shifted to an entirely digital experience, incorporating both social media strategies and the promotion of our OnCell apps to create this for their customers.

While OnCell apps were initially designed to serve as an enhancement to in-person experiences, they can be incredibly useful in maintaining connection and engagement with customers remotely as well. In OnCell apps, clients can utilize audio and video tools, quizzes, games, and more to create a digital experience that is enriching, easy to navigate, and reminds the user of the value of the organization.

Reach New and Existing Audiences

We all know that sensitive, authoritative, and informative marketing messaging, along with a comprehensive digital experience can have a huge impact on the success of your existing customer relationships. But how can you attract new customers when you don’t have a physical site or events to invite them to?

Again, focusing on enrichment and finding unique ways to target specific demographics can facilitate an increase in engagement and even bring in new customers. 

Let’s go group by group to see how:


Remote learning has skyrocketed with stay-at-home orders, affecting over 55 million students across the United States. Most states have ordered schools not to reopen for the rest of the school year[2]. This leaves children with a small window of online support from their teachers, and much of their education and enrichment falls on parents.

With previous enrichment measures like field trips and extracurricular activities out of reach, parents are looking for ways to help their children use their time constructively to enhance their lessons. OnCell apps have activities, quizzes, audio learning, and in-app scavenger hunts thar can create a fun learning environment for children of all ages. This takes some of the pressure off of parents and allows kids to learn at their own pace. 


Don’t forget that not all students are children – most colleges across the United States have closed and shifted to remote learning as well, so these enriching digital experience apps have just as much value for undergraduate and graduate candidates. Digitizing your collection and creating a learning experience for these older students can go a long way. For example, art students at home may enjoy looking through your collection, or watching a video of a curator giving some background information on a specific piece of art. 

Young Professionals

For those who have entered the workforce, but don’t have the extra responsibility of facilitating remote learning with children, think about how you can offer your services as an entertainment opportunity for them. 

Your digital experience can serve as a substitute for a weekend out of town, a day trip to a museum, or a similar experience that many people in this age group frequently enjoyed before the COVID-19 crisis.

Senior Citizens

For our most at-risk population, make sure you’re creating accessible digital experiences. This means easy to read font, streamlined navigation, and fun, informative features that will keep them engaged.  With many of their senior clubs and activities cancelled, they’re looking for ways to stay entertained. However, technology can be intimidating and a bit of an obstacle. The world of digital experiences may even be completely new to them, so make sure that you’re creating an easeful and welcoming experience if this is your target audience. Once you create your experience, spread the word by reaching out to local news. Many of our clients have reached older demographics by marketing in print media. 

Watch Your Engagement Grow and Welcome New Customers!

With targeted messaging and a tailored digital experience, you’ll have a comprehensive plan in place to maintain engagement, reach new customers, and welcome more business once the COVID-19 crisis is over.