Explore Impactful Storytelling with the Tadpole Group

At the 2022 STQRY Summit, we invited the Tadpole Group to present the power of storytelling for tours, and how to enhance your stories by creating digital experiences.

What is Infotainment?

The presentation begins with the differences between a plain, dull description and an engaging, exciting story. Dan Regan, senior screenwriter and creative director, emphasized the importance of delivering information in an entertaining way. He refers to this type of content as Infotainment. “When you create stories that are interesting and sharable, your audience and customers become your best advertising,” said Brooks Gibbs, president of the Tadpole Group.

Steps To Create A Story For Your Tour

So, how to create an informative and entertaining story for your tour? Brooks and Dan believe that developing emotional connections with your audience is the key to successful storytelling. Start by learning about your visitors. The demographic of your audience helps you ensure the message and style align with their interests, needs, and preferences. The next step is to identify the facts you want to deliver, including your core message, nice-to-know information, and other information that adds humor and helps the story progress. Now, it’s time to choose appropriate mediums for your content. Text, audio, and video - each has a different impact on the human psyche. Based on studies, multi-media content tends to provoke your audience’s emotions more effectively. And finally, the characters, plots, conflicts, and conquests in your story are the secret ingredients that help your customers remember how they feel, what they hear on the tour.

To find out more about creating compelling stories for your tours, access case studies, and watch more videos, explore 2022 STQRY Summit On-demand.