Our new STQRY

A message from Thomas Dunne, CEO & President of OnCell

Announcing our new name: STQRY

Since founding OnCell in 2006, we have worked hard to evolve and adapt our products to the changing technology and needs of our customers and their visitors. With multiple acquisitions over the last several years – including Authentic, My Tours & STQRY (2018), TourBuddy (2019), CultureSpots (2020) – we decided it was time to reflect on our history, our identity and what our brand represents.

In the beginning, OnCell was heavily focused on audio guides using visitors’ personal cell phones. We incorporated “cell” into our name because the concept of visitors using their own cell phones for tours was new, exciting and differentiating for us. While we still do a lot of work with tours and audio guides and visitors still use their own devices, our company has evolved into much more. Our platforms are now used for gaming, multimedia, digital tours, online collections management, onsite and offsite learning, and even digital interactives and accessibility.

At our core, we are about helping share stories.

I am pleased and excited to announce that all of our brands will now be unified as one under our new name; STQRY.

This name, which came to us as part of our 2018 acquisition of Authentic/My Tours, encompasses all that we do now and the products we have envisioned for the future. Everyday we work with inspiring, curious people and organizations with unbelievable stories to tell. It is our pleasure to help you tell them. 

Thank you for the ongoing support. We are excited for this new chapter in our STQRY and just remember, it’s “Story, with a Q.” 

Check out our new logo & icon below and stay tuned for the official rebrand launch date!