STQRY Acquires PocketSights to Expand Tech-Enabled Cultural and Historical Exploration

STQRY, a leading no-code platform for interactive and educational experiences, has announced the acquisition of PocketSights, a provider of engaging tour experiences for communities, campuses, and businesses. The acquisition brings together two innovative companies with a common goal: to enhance tech-enabled explorations that connect users more deeply with the world around them.

Through this partnership, STQRY and PocketSights are set to offer enhanced experiences that promote accessibility and engagement, making cultural and historical explorations more meaningful and enjoyable for visitors. By integrating PocketSights’ expertise in creating immersive tours with STQRY’s technological capabilities, users will access a wider range of features, more content, and improved engagement experiences. This collaboration is expected to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of educational and exploratory technologies for users around the world.

Allen Ward, Founder of PocketSights, shared his perspective on the synergy between the two companies, stating, “Aligning with STQRY is a natural union of our shared goals to enhance how people discover and learn about their surroundings. STQRY’s use of no-code, light-touch technology will further our shared mission to make exploration accessible to everyone.”

STQRY, led by CEO Thomas Dunne, is renowned for its commitment to connecting individuals with cultural and historical narratives in meaningful ways. This acquisition is aligned with STQRY’s objective of integrating learning and exploration into daily life, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

The partnership is set to create new functionalities, extend the range of available content, and foster better user engagement. Thomas Dunne, CEO of STQRY, expressed his optimism about the future, noting, “We are delighted to have PocketSights join the STQRY family. Their expertise in creating immersive tours complements our technological capabilities, setting the stage for exciting developments ahead.”

The acquisition also underscores a significant commitment to innovation in the field of digital storytelling and location-based education. By combining STQRY’s robust platform capabilities with PocketSights’ rich content and tour creation expertise, the partnership is poised to deliver unparalleled experiences that bridge the gap between technology and tactile exploration. With a shared vision for the future, this acquisition not only enriches the user experience but also strengthens the infrastructure supporting cultural and historical education, making it easier for users to explore the world’s wonders from anywhere at any time.

The STQRY team is focused on ensuring a smooth transition for users, aiming to preserve and expand upon the valuable experiences that PocketSights’ tours offer.


STQRY is a tech company that specializes in connecting people with cultural and historical stories through its interactive, no-code platform. Led by CEO Thomas Dunne and CPO Glen Barnes, STQRY strives to make exploration and education accessible and engaging for everyone.

About PocketSights

PocketSights, founded by Allen Ward, is known for its innovative approach to providing informative and engaging tours, enabling people to connect with their environment through storytelling. PocketSights has become a key resource for educational tours that highlight the unique aspects of various communities and historical sites.

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