STQRY Powered Apps for Remote Learning

Are you seeking innovative ways to tackle in-home learning? Whether it is history, art, or nature, we have great apps that could bring the dynamic classroom to you. With access to a diverse range of languages, these apps would really put your skills to the test. 


Find Your Independence

Go time traveling and experience life as an American Pioneer with the Independence, Missouri app. Powered by STQRY, the nostalgic multimedia content makes history instantly come to life! Play a game of Pioneers to Presidents, where you get to solve historical mysteries as you learn and earn reward badges, in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to also share a fun picture on social media using the custom photo filters!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay.

Harriet Tubman Byway

Explore and learn about the many historical sites along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This suspenseful audio tour brings you back to the pre-civil war time, walking alongside courageous people who helped slaves reach freedom. With STQRY’s multimedia content support, you can discover Tubman’s secret locations at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. A truly immersive learning experience for history lovers!

Begin your journey through the Web App.

African American Heritage Sites

Interested in African American history? This app guides you through more than 1,500 African American heritage trails, museums, landmarks, and endangered historic places. Rather than hustling through multiple websites, the STQRY platform allows for a single point of access for all the information you need. Choose your favorite tour or discover new sites by state. You can find a summary, virtual tours, and educational lesson plans attached to each site listing. Nothing makes learning African American history more flexible than the African American Heritage Sites app!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay.


Walt Disney Family Museum

Walk through the highlights of Walt Disney’s illustrious life with the Walt Disney Family Museum app. STQRY’s streamlined, user-friendly platform allows you to virtually explore the many galleries and art exhibitions, while learning unique facts about Walt Disney. Immerse yourself in the rich and detailed media content as you walk to your nearby coffee shop or comfortably rest on your couch. Incorporating virtual tours in twelve languages and enhanced accessibility features, the app truly brings Disney’s magic and legacy to all learners. Not to mention the 360 degree content and Augmented Reality (AR) that take your interactive learning to the next level!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay. Also available as a Web App

Reynolda Revealed

With its very fitting title, this app reveals the beauty of Reynolda’s esteemed American art collection and stunning grounds. The house of America’s founding industrial family, the Reynolda Family, is a cultural centrepiece in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Choose between the museum and the gardens & village tour. The app’s abundant video, audio, and period/contemporary photographs paint a remarkable picture of the family’s history and America’s southern lifestyle in the 20th century. With the powerful support for all media formats, STQRY makes remote cultural learning a reality!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay. Also available as a Web App.

Georgia O’keefe Museum

Looking to go somewhere sunny? Try virtually touring the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in New Mexico, the only museum in the United States dedicated to an internationally-known woman artist. STQRY’s multimedia features bring O’Keeffe’s amazing collection right to your palm. Download and learn about “the wideness and wonder of the world O’Keeffe lived in.

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay. Also available as a Web App.

Revs Institute Mobile App

Revs Institute® collaborates with STQRY to empower your exploration of over 100 of the most influential automobiles of our time, using Augmented Reality technology. In this app, you can walk through the galleries and experience the interior of the world’s rarest cars, following the 3D tours of your choice. An interactive map, real-time video content, and access to over 600,000 historic images power your virtual visit. Advance your knowledge through Revs’ world-class collection!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay. Also available as a Web App.


National Forest & Grasslands Explorer: El Yunque National Forest Section

Learn forest facts, gain natural, cultural, and historic knowledge through El Yunque National Forest’s official app. Included in the app are exclusive tours and content created by El Yunque’s educational Interpreters and Rangers. Featuring audio and natural imagery, the app tells the story of the rich landscape through the eyes and words of those helping to preserve it. STQRY enables access to multiple routes, broadening your knowledge of forests across the United States.

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay. Also available as a Web App.

Expeditions: Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum app is the perfect place for learning about botany, horticulture, conservation, and Arboretum history! It is a masterpiece curated by the nation’s oldest public arboretum - The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. Meanwhile, STQRY’s multimedia technology stimulates all senses in your learning, through photos, texts, and audio segments. From plant collecting, to children’s education, to research science, the app could help anyone develop a deep connection with plants. Available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin; learn from anywhere in the world with a simple click!

Download the app from Apple and GooglePlay.

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