STQRY Sessions with the Glencairn Museum

As the Glencairn Museum geared up to reopen since shutting down in March, staff searched for new ways to safely educate with new guidelines in place. When the museum reopened there would be no docent tours and a limit of 25 museum-goers allowed in the building at a time. These guidelines posed a challenge as they would mean a long line of people waiting outside with nothing to occupy their time. Luckily, the museum had implemented a digital solution years ago that just needed a minor facelift; a STQRY powered app. That’s when Jahnna Henderson, the museum's marketing and public relations manager quickly got to work on a new outdoor tour!

During last week’s STQRY Sessions; our biweekly webinar series we had the pleasure of sitting down with Henderson to discuss the new tour and possible future app plans.

Watch the full webinar below. 

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