STQRY's Vietnam Adventure: Connecting Through Stories

Last November, our STQRY team packed their bags for an adventure in Vietnam, spending several days at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An. As a hybrid team distributed all over the world, we always look forward to the opportunity to spend time together in person. This trip was particularly memorable; it was the perfect example of the power of bringing people, places, and stories together.

View the highlights from our team's adventure in Vietnam at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An. 

Exploring Hoi An

Hoi An is a city like no other, with ancient buildings, colorful lanterns, and a rich history. Charming and beautifully preserved, Hoi Ann is known as a blend of cultures. From the 15th to 19th centuries, Hoi Ann was a trading port where Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, and Indian traders swapped silk, ceramics, and spices. The history is evident in the town’s mix of Vietnamese buildings, Chinese shophouses, and Japanese-covered bridges.

We spent our days wandering through streets and stepping through time, learning about the local way of life and soaking up the atmosphere. And from the bustling marketplaces to the quiet beauty of the Thu Bon River, there was no shortage of stories to be shared in Vietnam.

Our STQRY Adventure

Kicking things off with a basket boat journey, we navigated the waters with laughter, quickly learning the importance of teamwork to keep us from spinning in circles. The cooking class was next, where we dove hands-first into the art of local cuisine, bonding over the shared challenge of mastering the delicate balance of flavors unique to Vietnamese food.

We had the unique experience of being able to plant seeds and help with watering a garden. We packed the seed beds down with our feet, and walked the rows of seedlings with watering cans balanced on our shoulders. It was really fun to learn about these practices, spend time together in nature, and contribute to helping things grow. 

Amidst these activities, we found time to reflect on STQRY's journey from its founding to our present mission, energizing us for the year ahead. The trip was peppered with trust games, musical chairs, and shared meals, where laughter and stories flowed freely, leaving us with memories and connections that will undoubtedly fuel our work ahead.

Guided Tours in Action

One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to a local museum that was using guided tour technology to direct visitors around the experience. We had the chance to take a tour using their app which guided us through the museum with opportunities to learn more about each exhibit. 

Scanning the QR codes scattered throughout the museum, we had the best of both worlds: a physical and digital experience, blending the tangible beauty of the museum's artifacts with deeper digital knowledge. The whole experience brought new appreciation for the culture and history of Hoi An, and reaffirmed the impact of accessible technology in enhancing the way people learn and connect. 

As a team, we treasure these kinds of reminders and these unforgettable trips. Our no-code app-building platform helps people explore new places in new ways, offering stories and information right at their fingertips. Our suite of complementary technologies helps visitor destinations small and large tell their stories to their audiences in the most accessible, available, and impactful ways. Walking through Hoi An, we saw how this kind of technology could make exploring new places so much richer and more meaningful.

As we continue to develop and enhance our suite of STQRY products, we're more committed than ever to making cultural exploration accessible to everyone, everywhere.