2022 STQRY Summit

2022 STQRY Summit

Join industry thought leaders March 7-11 for presentations surrounding digital experiences, technology, and transformation at our 2022 virtual summit.

This series is free and open to everyone!

Limited seats available

Digital experiences have gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have for arts, culture, and tourism organizations under the new normal. This year, STQRY invites you to join industry experts and explore how your business can achieve growth through curating highly immersive digital experiences. You can get inspired by this week-long webinar series with topics spanning content creation, augmented reality, multimedia storytelling, tourism marketing and more. 

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Alex Dykman

CEO & Founder, Maverick Digital

Tim Olson

Head of Projects, Maverick Digital

Toby Bloom

National Program Manager Travel, Tourism, & Interpretation, US Forest Service

Valérie Chartrand

Senior New Media Analyst, Parks Canada

Megan Eves

Marketing & Communications Associate, Museum Association of New York (MANY)

Eli McClain

Project Fellow, Museum Association of New York (MANY)

E. Renee Ingram

President & Founder, African American Heritage Preservation Foundation

Ran Yan

Executive Director, Lewis Latimer House Museum

Craig Mckay

Director, Interactive Arts, New Zealand

Tracie Timmer

Public Programs Manager, Walt Disney Family Museum

Sheila Dunne

Co-founder, Dunne Goodwin

Jared Crellin

Director, Lantern Audio

Brooks Gibbs

President & Project Manager, The Tadpole Group

Dan Regan

Screen Writer & Creative Director, The Tadpole Group

Steve Olsen

Business Development Director, The Tadpole Group

Thomas Dunne

CEO & President, STQRY

Kyle Pierce

Director of Sales, STQRY

Josh Gilbert

Director of Customer Experience, STQRY

Genevieve Hauck

Marketing Communications Manager, STQRY

Siqi Dong

Marketing Assistant & Content Writer, STQRY

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Summit Agenda

Pre-Recorded Sessions 

(Available On-Demand Starting March 7, 2022)

  • Interpretation Reinvented: How the US Forest Service and Parks Canada are tackling outdoor interpretation in a digital age

Full Session Description:

Learn how the US Forest Service and Parks Canada are reinventing their traditional forms of outdoor interpretation with their STQRY app experiences to improve conservation, education, safety, wayfinding and more. With hundreds of millions of visitors per year these organizations are learning how to educate in an increasingly digital world. In this session, both organizations will discuss their app experiences in depth and the benefits they have seen for both visitors, as well as staff members.

Live Sessions

All live sessions are scheduled for 1 hour blocks with Q/A included, but many sessions will require less time with all recordings available on-demand.

March 7, 2022

  • 10:00 AM EST - Back to the Basics with the STQRY Builder

  • 2:00 PM EST - A Tadpole Group Talk Show: What makes a story a story?
    • Presenter: Tadpole Group

  • * 4:00 PM EST - STQRY Builder User Group
    • *This session is an open session for the audience to ask questions and receive tutorials from our Director of Customer Experience, Josh Gilbert. 

March 8, 2022

  • 10:00 AM EST - App Use Cases 

  • * 4:00PM EST - A conversation with Thomas Dunne, CEO & President of STQRY
    • *This session is an open session for the audience to ask questions and have an open conversation with our CEO & President about any topic of their choosing. 

March 9, 2022

  • 10:00 AM EST - A Practical Guide to Content Creation

  • 3:00 PM EST - Marketing Your Experience: Pick up those pick up rates 

  • 4:00 PM EST - Life Through a New Lens: AR, VR and the Metaverse
    • Presenter: Interactive Arts, New Zealand

March 10, 2022

  • 4:00 PM EST - Digital transformation and the Endemic Traveller

March 11, 2022

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