Welcoming PocketSights to the STQRY Family

At STQRY, we believe stories transform spaces into experiences–and every corner of our world is worth exploring. With PocketSights joining our family, we're set to further our exploration, bringing no-code technology and storytelling together to make immersive storytelling easy.

Thomas Dunne, our CEO, captured our excitement perfectly:

"We are delighted to have PocketSights join the STQRY family. This sets the stage for really exciting developments ahead." 

PocketSights has been at the forefront of enabling communities, campuses, and businesses to share their unique stories. Their approach to engaging tours has not just informed but also transformed the way people interact with their surroundings.

As Allen Ward, Founder of PocketSights, puts it:

Allen Ward, Founder of PocketSights

"Aligning with STQRY is a natural union of our shared goals to enhance how people discover and learn about their surroundings." 

"Bringing PocketSights into the STQRY fold is an exciting move forward for our team. Together, we're poised to offer more dynamic, accessible, and engaging ways for people to connect with culture and history."

says Lydia Ireland, STQRY’s Director of Customer Experience. 

By integrating PocketSights' rich content and tour creation expertise with STQRY's robust platform capabilities, we're crafting a future where digital storytelling and location-based education are not just complementary but seamlessly integrated. Our shared vision for the future is not just about enriching the user experience; it's about strengthening the infrastructure supporting cultural and historical education, making it easier for users to explore the world's wonders from anywhere, at any time.

At the outset of this exciting new chapter, our focus remains on ensuring a smooth transition for users. We're committed to preserving and expanding upon the valuable experiences that PocketSights' tours offer, ensuring that every exploration is a story worth telling. We're excited to introduce them to a broad range of products and capabilities that will support dynamic and engaging content. 

No-Code Mobile App Development

STQRY's app building platform allows users to create interactive and educational experiences without any coding knowledge. This means organizations can offer their own branded app, featuring their tours and content, providing a direct and personalized connection with their audience. With multimedia elements, including text, images, audio, and video, users can bring historical sites and cultural artifacts to life right before their eyes. 

Create interactive and educational experiences without any coding knowledge

Interactive Maps and Wayfinding

To help users navigate complex sites or find specific points of interest, STQRY offers interactive maps and wayfinding solutions. These tools make it easy for explorers to locate themselves, discover nearby attractions, and plan their visit more efficiently.


STQRY Kiosk transforms visitor experiences by enabling the creation of engaging digital labels and interactive elements, enriching exhibitions with deep knowledge and insights. Its intuitive web-based builder allows for easy integration of multimedia content, ensuring displays can be customized to match any brand. The platform supports real-time updates and is designed to be inclusive, with accessibility features and multilingual support. With STQRY Kiosk, delivering an enriched, interactive visitor experience is straightforward and effective.

STQRY Collect

STQRY Collect is a comprehensive solution for publishing and managing digital collections online, providing a platform to create stunning, responsive websites with powerful search capabilities and custom layouts. It supports a wide range of content types, from single images to oral histories, and features a robust Digital Object Repository for easy content management and sharing across multiple platforms. The platform emphasizes community engagement, allowing users to interact with collections through commenting, tagging, and contributing content. With its focus on accessibility, multimedia support, and search engine optimization, STQRY Collect empowers organizations to share their collections with a global audience effectively.

Accessibility Features

Ensuring that everyone can enjoy the wonders of exploration, STQRY's products are designed with accessibility in mind. Features such as audio descriptions, text-to-speech, and easy-to-navigate interfaces make our experiences inclusive for all users.

As PocketSights users join us on this exciting journey, they'll find that these new tools and capabilities open up a world of possibilities for creating and experiencing cultural and historical narratives. Together, we're not just exploring the past; we're reimagining the future.

To our users, partners, and the communities we serve: welcome to the next chapter in our story. Together, let's make every exploration a story worth telling.