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How to Fund Your Mobile Tour Guide App

Fortunately, building a tour guide app isn’t as expensive as it used to be. You don’t have to hire software developers to create an app from scratch and as a museum, library, or historical site, you might not need to fund your tour guide app from your internal budget. Take a look at some of these resources and other ways to fund your app. 

How Museums Can Meet Visitors' Post-Covid Expectations

Museums, most of which rely at least in part on ticket sales and gift shop revenue, took a major hit during the height of Covid. As these sites shift their operations to handle increased capacity once again, a lot of changes are required. Let’s look at some important ways that you can meet visitors’ current expectations for both safety and enjoyment.

STQRY Powered Apps for Remote Learning

Are you seeking innovative ways to tackle in-home learning? Whether it is history, art, or nature, we have great apps that could bring the dynamic classroom to you. With access to a diverse range of languages, these apps would really put your skills to the test.

August 2021: Apps Gone Live

During August, the team at STQRY helped launch some incredible apps. Keep reading to stay up to date with the newest “Apps Gone Live” throughout last month, featuring everything from self-guided tours across the world to interactive companion apps for destinations and much more!

Why Building a Tour Guide App Is Easier Than You Think

Whatever your reason for brainstorming the perfect mobile app, you might keep putting it off out of concern over the timeline and budget. Building a mobile app is no longer as expensive or time-consuming as it used to be. In this post we explore all the reasons why building a mobile tour guide app is much easier (and more affordable) than you might imagine!

How World of Wine Built an App in 3 Weeks

It's easy to assume that building a mobile guide app would take 6 months. This is the minimum amount of time most custom applications take. But, in this post, we show you how World of Wine launched the perfect mobile guide app in just a few weeks using STQRY.

Case Study: African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc.

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to preserve and raise awareness of little-known African American historical sites. Creating an app for the Foundation was a natural next step in helping expand AAHPF’s resources. Read more about it in our newest case study!

How to Present your Mobile App

We work with clients daily to help them understand how their organization can benefit from offering a mobile app. Many times, the individuals who we work with must present the possibility of a mobile app to their organization before any decisions are made. See our step by step instructions to presenting a mobile app to a large group.

7 Steps to Create an Amazing Audio Tour

When venues discover stories that have the potential to make people laugh, cry, and think, they can offer a more enriching experience that turns visitors into fans and ambassadors who spread the word. In this post, we show how your message can become “edu-tainment” and provide a simple roadmap you can follow to create your own audio tour. 

July 2021: Apps Gone Live

Read more about the latest “Apps Gone Live” throughout the month of July. We are proud to create immersive, accessible cultural experiences for our clients around the world.

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