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Mobile Tour Guide Apps in Tourism: Making a Strong Business Case

With Covid-19 proving to be an illness the world will have to continue to cope with for some time, it’s important to provide sanitary alternatives to standard group tours and audio device rentals. In this guide, we make a strong business case for mobile tour guide apps. Whether your company plans to offer an app for free or charge for the content, ROI is within reach. 

October 2021: Apps Gone Live

In October, we released some amazing apps that allow people to explore visitor destinations from right within their own homes. Taking you to locations all over the globe, these apps feature incredible destinations like historical sites, museums, festivals, cities, and more. 

Your Insiders' Guide to STQRY: Mobile Tour Guide Apps and Digital Collections

If you don’t yet have a mobile tour guide app or digital collections, you might be missing out on important ways to improve the visitor experience and further your organization’s mission. STQRY helps you build these digital resources with no coding whatsoever and in this guide, we walk you through everything you can do with our platform.

How to Give Your Mobile Tour App a Custom Feel

When you create a mobile tour app, you want it to feel like a natural extension of the overall experience. Check out this how-to article on using the STQRY Builder to give your app a custom feel tailored to your organization. 

Post-COVID Challenges That Museums Should Consider

In part 2 of this series, we continue our conversation with Jennifer Thomas, director of the Virginia Association of Museums to discuss certain challenges the industry will face in a post-pandemic world and the proposed long-term solutions. 

Resilience of the Museum Industry Promises Strong Post-COVID Recovery

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented extraordinary challenges to the museum industry, there is hope on the horizon. In conversation with Jennifer Thomas, Director of the Virginia Association of Museums, we consider the monumental cultural and societal shifts since the beginning of the 21st century.

Part 1 of a 2 part series

Personalize Your Halloween Adventure with The Bloody Mary Tours App

Located in America’s most haunted city, New Orleans, the Bloody Mary Haunted Museum is the best place to satisfy your craving for the unexplainable this Halloween. The Bloody Mary Tour App enables both virtual touring and on-site visits. In this blog post, we show you how the Bloody Mary Tour App creates a fully immersive experience for your Halloween adventure.

Get Spooked This October With The Free Pod Hotels NYC App

Are you still wondering how to celebrate Halloween and enjoy your fall this year? Pod Hotels® has used the STQRY builder to bring you the ultimate NYC experience curator– Pod Hotels NYC App.

Native App Versus Web App: Which Is Right for Your Mobile Guide?

Once you’ve decided to actually build an app for your own company or organization, you’re faced with another decision: should you create a native mobile app or a web-based app? In this article, we walk you through the difference between these types of apps and how to choose the right one.

September 2021: Apps Gone Live

September brought the launch of many amazing new apps. Last month, we especially saw a large number of apps that are providing self-guided tours around cities. We love seeing these locations get highlighted and recognized for the interesting and rich histories many of them have. Read on to learn more about which apps went live last month.

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