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The latest news from the STQRY team

Getting Started with STQRY Builder: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to set up your audio guide, walking tour, or museum app in three simple steps

October 2023: Apps Gone Live

New STQRY-powered adventures launched in October!

STQRY Kiosk: 3 Ways To Use Digital Displays for Visitor Engagement and Retention

As foot traffic rebounds and groups return to cultural and heritage institutions, digital kiosks are becoming central to visitor engagement and retention.  

Introducing In-App Navigation: Integrated Wayfinding for Stop-by-Stop Navigation

With In-App Navigation, responsive turn-by-turn directions are integrated into your app, triggering geo-fenced audio elements when your visitor arrives at a stop. 

September 2023: Apps Gone Live

Last month, STQRY collaborated with museums, cities, and cultural landmarks across the world to bring inventive and interactive mobile apps to their visitors.

Your Guide to STQRY Collect: Benefits, Use Cases and Features

Unlock the potential of STQRY Collect - your go-to guide for digital collections, it transforms museums and libraries into immersive online collections. 

STQRY Bundles: More Platforms, More Savings

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end; STQRY's suite of products helps you tell yours. 

How Black & Tan Hall Uses Their STQRY-Powered App to Drive Awareness and New Partners

Learn how Black & Tan Hall developed a mobile tour guide app of historic Black businesses in Seattle to start driving awareness and contributions for their venue.

STQRY for Students: How the University of South Australia Incorporates Place- Based Mobile Tours

STQRY isn’t just for museums and galleries. Learn how a university has incorporated mobile tours into a course assessment.

May 2023: Apps Gone Live

Last month, STQRY launched several innovative apps that feature some of the globe's most fascinating locations, cultural landmarks, and tourist attractions.

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