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The latest news from the STQRY team

Top 5 Apps for Foodie Travelers

Cuisine often reflects the unique history and culture of a region. According to TripAdvisor, food tours are the fastest growing experience category on the travel booking site. In this blog post, we introduce five interactive, content-rich apps that will make your food tours unforgettable!

March 2022: Apps Gone Live

In March, we saw some wonderful apps get added to the web! We’re especially seeing an emphasis on exploring nature and cities in new and exciting ways. Keep scrolling to see what apps went live last month. There’s a little something for everyone!

New STQRY Video Filmed at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Watch our new STQRY Apps video and explore our filming location, the Auckland War Memorial Museum (Tāmaki Paenga Hira), and its audio guide app in this blog post.

Top Outdoor Apps for Your Spring Bucket List

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and explore your favorite locations. In this blog post, we introduce the top outdoor apps that will make your spring adventure more exciting.

Explore Impactful Storytelling with the Tadpole Group

At the 2022 STQRY Summit, we invited the Tadpole Group to present the power of storytelling for tours, and how to enhance your stories by creating digital experiences. This blog post walks you through the key steps of creating impactful stories that improve your visitor experiences.

Top 5 Apps for Library Go-ers

Apps play an important role in curating highly engaging, accessible visitor experiences for libraries. This blog post introduces the top five library apps that help you stay connected and inspired during #NationalLibraryWeek!

10 Steps for Creating an Audio Guide for Your Museum

An audio guide can better engage your visitors and take your museum experience to the next level. It not only provides additional information about the exhibits, but also adds an interactive component to your visit. This blog post shows 10 important steps for creating an audio guide for your museum, gallery, or library.

8 Audio Guide App Examples to Inspire You

Audio guide apps help your visitors make the most of their experience in your museum, art gallery, historic site, or landmark. With a guide app, you can provide your visitors with a self-guided tour that is packed with information and interesting facts about your destination. Get inspirations for your project from these great audio guide app examples. 

7 Features of the Best Travel and Tourism Apps

The best travel and tourism apps can take visitors deeper into the local experience, offer contextual information, and help ensure that visitors have a great time. Cultural site organizations can offer their own apps to improve the visitor experience. Explore the best features of apps for tourists and visitors.

February 2022: Apps Gone Live

As we look back on the apps released during February, one word comes to mind: history. We’re proud to see so many new digital assets that serve as guides and tours for those wishing to explore. Several apps highlight beautiful walking trails, while one is a companion guide for a book festival. Keep scrolling to check out the new apps that came out last month. There’s truly something for everyone! 

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