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Does Mobile Tech Positively Impact the On-Site Visitor Experience?

Museums, cultural sites, and other attractions are offering mobile apps and mobile tour guide experiences to engage visitors before, during, and after their trips. But do these apps and mobile-friendly sites actually have a positive impact on the visitor experience? Read more to find out. 

5 Types of Park Management Software

Park management software is a must-have for tracking maintenance work, staff hours, and rentals. Different platforms can also be used to craft a stellar visitor experience and to attract more visitors to your park. As the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

The Brattleboro Words Trail Wins the 2022 Leadership in History Awards

The Brattleboro Words Trail is a collaborative research project celebrating south-eastern Vermont's rich literary past and present. The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) has proudly announced the trial as a winner of the 77th annual Leadership in History Awards, recognizing its contribution along with the creative, dedicated, and tenacious spirit of the team behind it.

How to Craft a Visitor Experience Strategy

A visitor experience strategy is a documented plan with goals, projects, timelines, and collaborators and covers a variety of visitor experience (VE) aspects, such as education, technology, and safety. To craft a comprehensive strategy, you need to consider every possible element that can impact the visitor experience. 

The Benefits of Mobile Guide Apps When Docents Are On Site

A mobile guide app should never act as a replacement for helpful docents—but it can act as a useful complement. Here's why mobile apps and docents work well in combination, plus key benefits of mobile guides that you might not know about. 

Apps for Visitors: Lessons from the US Forest Service & Parks Canada

In one of our 2022 STQRY Summit Sessions, we sat down with digital leaders from both Parks Canada and the US Forest Service to find out how they’ve created mobile apps that satisfy different initiatives—all while serving visitors across hundreds of parks.

June 2022: Apps Gone Live

Last month, we saw a plethora of amazing apps hit the web! With many featuring walking or bike tours of some kind, it seems that this is the month for exploring. Check out the incredible span of places last month’s apps feature. These apps provide a digital bridge to make visiting new areas more accessible and savvy. Where will you go?

What Is No Code Technology & How Can You Use It?

There are many different types of no code platforms, usually ranging from niche website builders to app builders. In this post, we dive into what no code technology is, how it works, and how to choose the right solution for your needs. 

How to Address Staff Shortages in Visitor Attractions & Museums

In 2020, 62 million tourism-related jobs were lost globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but when the world opened back up, the new demand for workers outpaced supply. Learn how you can implement digital solutions to address staff shortages in visitor attractions and museums. 

The 20 Best Museum Software (By Category)

Museum software can be used to email members, sell merchandise, promote special events, engage in-person visitors, and so much more. But there are a lot of platforms on the market, and it can be hard to know which ones you really need. We’ve defined several essential museum software categories and handpicked the best tools for each one.

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