Meet the Team

Meet the STQRY Team: Discussing career, business and powerful products with Glen Barnes, CPO

As the former CEO and Founder of My Tours, and now the Chief Product Officer at STQRY, Glen Barnes has been through an incredible journey in the tech industry while traveling around the world. We interviewed Glen regarding his life at STQRY, and some critical decisions that led to his success as an innovative, entrepreneurial leader today.

Meet the STQRY Team: Talking travel, art and marketing with Genevieve Hauck

Genevieve Hauck joined the STQRY team in 2019. Everyday she plays a crucial role in delivering STQRY’s message to museums, historic sites, parks, tour operators, and other organizations looking to improve the accessibility of their services through technology. This week, we sat down with Genevieve and talked about her journey as an art enthusiast, frequent traveler and now SaaS marketing specialist. 

Meet the STQRY Team: A Chat about business and family with Thomas Dunne, Founder, CEO & President

STQRY has been instrumental in transforming the culture and tourism industry during this time of unprecedented change. We interviewed Thomas Dunne, the Founder and CEO of STQRY, to reveal his secret sauce in leading a successful SaaS company, and his unique approach to life as an entrepreneur in this modern age.